Elektrosuisse ® MiniBars

Since 1974 Elektrosuisse ® products represent a benchmark in the field of minibar for hotel equipped with absorption cooling units and characterized by high quality, reliability and durability. The absorption refrigeration system (CFC Free) offers the advantage of being completely silent (DB 0) and maintenance-free having no need for charging for its entire duration. These features make it still the minibar of excellence for use in the hospitality industry.


Elektrosuisse ® product range, the most extensive available today in the international market, consists of built-in and free installation minibars with cooling capacity of  30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60 liters.


Last but not least … Exergetica team, specialized in the field of refrigeration of small volumes, is able to design and produce customized products, offering exclusive and refined technical and aesthetic solutions such as: custom-made cabinets for minibar, minibar with glass doors in solid wood of different essences and colors, personalization of glass doors with logos and special decorations.


Exergetica’s customer service: before, during & after purchase


Before: we support our customers in the choice of Minibar's models and in their customization in order to better satisfy their technical and aesthetic needs.

During: we support our customers during purchasing offering them better quotations of our products and best logistic solutions in order to ship worldwide our products compliantly to their needs.

After: we support our customers offering them spare parts of Elektrosuisse ® models and giving them the correct instructions about installation of products, about their maintenance and offering, when necessary, a professional repairing service.

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